About us

Wood has fascinated me since I can remember and objects made from solid wood have always attracted my attention. Beautiful grains, different colors, a pleasant feel and a warm, cozy atmosphere and the different scents of the woods when working with them - to name just a few associations that come to my mind when I think about wood.

And when other hobbies have to do with baking bread and cooking in addition to woodworking, it is not surprising when the idea arises to combine both and so the first bowls, cutting boards and blade holders were born ...

If you look at the picture above - by the way, a robinia trunk from our children's play tower - you will see documented time - annual rings - times of warmth and cold, dryness and humidity, better and worse times - years of life that have been shaped and preserved in layers.

For me, the parallel to social work can also be found here - in which I work full-time. Because everyone is shaped by their years of life and experiences and is in a unique way special, incomparable and also changeable.

Thank you very much for your participation
Jochen Hauer