Information about engraving

The engraving is burned into the wood with a laser engraver.

Logos or texts - in special cases pictures are also possible.


During the order process please use the field "Anmerkungen zur Bestellung"-"comments to order" to inform me of your engraving request.

Please let me know the desired font (in the pictures you will find a few examples, but any free font is possible) or send your logo or image by email -

I adapt the font to the curvature of the handle.


If you have ordered a lame with "engraving", I will contact you as soon as possible by email in order to confirm and clarify if there are questions.


!!!Important!!! Please be sure to mention in the comments if you are left-handed - I burn the logos by default on the left side so it can be seen when holding the blade holder in the right hand.